Here is a selection of talc.’s art packs as pdf files for more art activities at home. Additional art packs are inspired by artists such as:
– Tacita Dean (natural phenomena)
– Robert Rauschenberg (colour machines)
– Mel Chin (arts & science)
– Agnes Denes (geometry and land art)
– Mark Dion (collections)
– Edith Meusnier (threading and weaving)
– Rebecca Horn (machine and body)
These art packs are available on request and free of charge.
Please get in touch if you wish to get one of talc.’s art packs:
info [at] or message on facebook @talctarbert

In talc.’s art packs you will find the materials and instructions you will need to create your art work. They are inspired by the work of an artist – either by the theme, or the technique, or the concept. If you have any questions how to make them, please message or email us, talc.’s artists will guide you through.

talc’s SPIN PAINTING Art Pack. Alfons Schilling, Annick Gendron, Damien Hirst.pdf

talc’s Art Pack EXTINCT. Joseph Beuys

talc’s Sound Pack AMBIENT SOUNDS and Drums with VCV Rack 

talc’s Art Pack PRINTING. Ian Barr/Argyll Collection

talc’s Art Pack MY WORLD IN A BOX. Joseph Cornell

talc’s Art Pack LOOM SCULPTURE. Barbara Hepworth a.o.

talc’s Art Pack ROTORELIEF. Marcel Duchamp

talc’s Art Pack FROTTAGE. Max Ernst 

talc’s Art Pack PAPERFOLD & PATTERN. Architecture

talc’s Art Pack STAMPS. Gabriel Orozco



Stay in touch! It would be great, if you could share a photo or little video of your work – please send it!

Here are talc.’s 24 Exercises as pdf file to improve your art skills to download:
24 Exercises to improve your art skills

talc.’s ART PACKS  are part of the projects dust and growth and funded by Creative Scotland Open Fund as well as funded by Heritage Lottery Fund, Inspiring Scotland Creative Communities and YouthLink Scotland.