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The Templar Art & Leisure Centre (TALC), Tarbert, built wholly with Lottery Funding, was opened in 2002. It is managed overall by the Trustees, who are publicly elected by the community, but the day-to-day management is undertaken by a management committee, mainly put forward by users of the Centre. TALC is located at the beautiful harbour front in Tarbert – a small fishing village in Kintyre, Argyll.

The aim of the Trust is to facilitate members of the community to form interest groups which will add value to their lives; to provide a building which is available at low cost to these groups and flexible for many uses. The aim of the Trust is to promote and enable access to visual arts, creative technologies, music and dance to the community – for growth and development.

There are several tutors providing classes in arts and crafts and music in the building and approx. 20 community groups using the building. Since 2014 TALC is home to the creative digital media project.

People involved and their roles are listed on talc.’s people’s page.

The Templar Arts and Leisure Centre is a charity registered in Scotland, number: SC029453 and regulated by OSCR.

– minutes talc AGM 18 March 2014
– talc.’s annual report and accounts for 2014
– minutes talc. AGM 25 March 2015
– talc.’s annual report and accounts for 2015
– minutes talc AGM 30 March 2016
– talc.’s annual report and accounts for 2016
– minutes talc. AGM 24 March 2017
– talc.’s_annual report and accounts for 2017
– minutes talc. AGM 28 March 2018
– talc’s annual report and accounts for 2018

The minutes of the AGM held on 27 March 2019 will be proposed, seconded and passed as a true record of the proceedings on the next AGM meeting in 2020.