Minutes of talc.’s Young Artist’s meetings

1 May
– Grace to do: develop a sample box (creating different prints on different materials, starting with laser engraved rubber stamps & photos from projection experiment)
– school workshops: Kilmartin (Primary), Craignish (Primary), Locghilphead (S2) & Tarbert (S3), dates tbc

24 April

Engage Scotland organised & funded by Event Scotland
involves working with 8 young people from Fruitmarket Gallery/Edinburgh and 8 from Tramway/Glasgow to create artworks, with a potential opportunity to exhibit in the Central Belt.
– all wish to have a workshop in InDesign, Illustrator, potentially Photoshop, knowing about file formats

– creating own work:
potential collaboration between Grace, Isla and Isaac (projection/sculpture/Installation piece) can be related to the “land under water” theme. First ideas: societies of barnacles and jellyfish. Barnacles interesting because of being static/rigid, living half their lifes in water and half outside. Jellyfish because of them floating/moving in the water, being transparent/translucent – potential for light shining through – different ideas of living in the sea as a colony.
What to do?
– More research about this & discussing ideas
– Nicole needs to arrange date with SAMS, Oban

– exhibition with Ian McKintyre photos:
potential collaboration with Niamh. Also it would be great if someone from DJCAD to interview Ian McKintyre and for Grace to go to Dundee to edit the film, at least for one day. Exhibition is planned for August tbc
What to do?
– Nicole needs to get in touch with Gair to arrange this
– photos need to be selected and scanned in
– developing exhibition concept

– supporting workshops in Primary or early Secondary:
4 workshops with Sian in May, working with settlements in the water – good exercise for working in 3D & no glue involved. Potential material: bamboo ply, slate?, metal
– Questions?
– Dates (Sian will confirm)
– How to get laser cut (Nicole) organised between dates
– ordering in materials (Nicole)

– other exhibtion opportunities:
– Oban Rockfield end of August with part of the portfolios (Grace, Isla, Isaac, Niamh) & banner with other people’s work
– Ignite Lochgilphead in November showing young people’s work
What to do?
– organise a space
– get artworks ready for the date
– potentially using talc. windows as projection facade for video sampling animation in December (light switch on event)

– potential opportunity to work with A&B councile and BBC symphony orchestra
this would involved projections and banner design (Grace) – more information will come after Nicole met people being in charge