TTS Digital 2: Sparks, drifts and rain

We are delighted to announce that the Templar Arts and Leisure Centre have been successful in their application for Creative Scotland’s TTS Digital Phase Two funding for the project sparks, drifts and rain.

“I am excited and thrilled that we are going to be able to do more digital art!”
(Jacob Adair from Kilmartin, Age 13)

“It is a superb result to get the opportunity to explore and expand the digitally creative minds of young people in such a remote, visually stunning and environmentally stimulating location as Argyll.”
(Mary Y. Smith, Chairperson of Trustees, Templar Arts and Leisure Centre, Tarbert)

The project sparks, drifts and rain enables young people from Argyll and Bute to take the lead on digital media cross over projects. The young people have chosen to create digital works on themes around the landscape and seascape, they are surrounded by. The young people will be supported by a number of collaboration partners in various digital arts.

—>  workshop modules sparks, drifts and rain

Photo: Lily Young