Looking for the Absolute

talc.’s trainees Grace Carroll, Isaac Stanesby and young artist Isla Fowler created models of an utopian nature for the eca exhibition LOOKING FOR THE ABSOLUTE in collaboration with talc.’s tutor’s Stefan Baumberger, Nicole Heidtke and Sian MacQueen.
Contemporary artists and architects have taken inspiration from the utopian Expressionism of the Gläserne Kette or Glass Chain correspondence; collaborating on new work that answers their call for autogenous creativity and spontaneous invention.
The three young people can be proud to contribute to this exhibition which includes artworks by international artists as Cath Keay, Miguel Paredes Maldonado, Gabriella Bisetto, Jason Dee, Kati Blom, Lindsay Duncanson, Sandra Schießl, Pierre Forissier, Chantal Riekel, François Lemieux, Marek Gabrysch, Emma Bowen, and Wenzel Hablik
The exhibition can be seen:
Edinburgh College of Art
Matthew Gallery (10am –5 pm)
Minto House, 20-22 Chambers Street EH1 1JZ
Dates 21st – 31st July

The Glass Chain project at eca was funded by the Leverhulme Trust. talc.’s trainees are part of the Celebrate Art project by engage Scotland.The young artist scheme is part of talc.’s land under water project and funded by Creative Scotland.