Tarbert & Skipness Community Trust


Objectives of Tarbert and Skipness Community Trust

The Trust was formed in 2002 help the area of Tarbert and Skipness secure a healthy and sustainable future – to contribute to community development and enhance the special qualities of the local environment.

Within its own work programmes, on its own or with others the Trust Aims to:
– Focus on the quality of life for all who live and work here by implementing locally supported ideas about the future of the villages of Tarbert and Skipness
– Focus on young people by promoting the provision of youth facilities and by including educational and training initiatives especially those based on the preservation of the natural and cultural heritage of the area.
– Focus on young families by pursuing the provision of affordable housing within attractive and safe environments
– Focus on those suffering disability, illness or impairment by including the development of places of enjoyment which are accessible and meet their needs.
– Focus on the unemployed by identifying job opportunities and training assistance for local people, and encouraging sound new businesses
– Focus on constructive recreation for all by encouraging woodland walks, heritage trails, and other facilities, consistent with the conservation of the natural beauty of the area and its flora and fauna.
– Focus on the public awareness of the historic importance of the area, in particular by restoring the integrity of Tarbert Castle and reinforcing the information provided to achieve greater interest and use.

Some of the ongoing and recent projects of TSCT are:

Tarbert and Skipness Community Trust owned Tarbert Castle and, over the past 7 years, has been working to clear the area around the castle using volunteers and our own herd of rare sheep.   Work has been completed to consolidate the masonry and improve interpretation of, and access to the castle. This work finished in 2012 and in 2013 a Medieval Melee was held to celebrate the project. In November 2013 Tarbert Castle owner ship transferred to Tarbert Castle Trust.

In 2013 a project to develop the area behind the castle as community woodland commenced. A wildlife pond has been created, the area fenced and trees planted. Tarbert Academy has been an active participant both from the primary school and students undertaking the John Muir Award. In November 2013 this project was also transferred to Tarbert Castle Trust.

Tarbert and Skipness Community Trust was unsuccessful in developing our own community wind farm but we have the opportunity to invest 1/12th part in Sron Doire. TSCT is actively pursuing this option which will bring a financial community benefit to Tarbert and Skipness.

TSCT was a partner in the development of the outdoor gym was erected on the walkway near Tarbert Harbour Office.

Local Produce is a transnational project between Kintyre and a similar area in Sweden. The project aims to encourage the growth and distribution of local food. Partners in Kintyre are from Campbeltown, Gigha, Islay and Tarbert. Local Produce builds on the experience of Big Green Tarbert which raised issues around climate change. This project ended in December 2013.

TSCT has gained a lease from Tarbert Harbour Authority to build a children’s play park specifically for children under 7. This will be in the amenity area beside the harbour walkway. This will provide a resource not only for the village but for visitors and yachters.

Working with the Long and Winding Way TSCT is looking at extending the Kintyre Way to Inveraray by creating access from Kilberry Road end to Kintarbert Forest walk, (the missing link).

TSCT has introduced a junior membership and encourage young people’s involvement in TSCT projects.

Jane Cowen – Company Secretary, Tel: 01880 820 247, email: scampbell0301@btinternet.com
Alex Horn – Treasurer, Tel: 01880 820 496, email: tarbert@albanach.com

Registered Office
Tarbert and Skipness Community Trust
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Scottish Charity SC033379
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