LED matrix workshop at the Lighthouse

LEDmatrixFor all participants of the LED matrix animation workshop during the “Exploring Digital Practice in Creative Learning and Participatory Arts” conference at the Lighthouse in Glasgow – here is a few instructions here: Instructions for LED Matrix workshop and the sample code for the LED matrix to copy: // https://xantorohara.github.io/led-matrix-editor/ #include <LedControl.h> const int DIN_PIN = 7; …Read More

Boswell & Johnson graphic novel is published!

A visit from Boswell and JohnsonThe graphic novel is online now and can be purchased as a printed version. The TTS Digital project A (digital) visit from Boswell and Johnson is a collaboration of the Templar Arts and Leisure Centre with Mid Argyll Youth Forum. Using their own writing as a starting point, the young people photographed themselves ‘posed’ as Boswell …Read More